Wealth Creation

Helping you make the right decisions to invest in managed funds, superannuation and property that makes sense for you.

Based on our careful understanding of your goals and our knowledge, we’ll help you make the right wealth creation decisions, reduce the uncertainty and grow your personal wealth.

Our wealth creation advice helps you with:

  • Superannuation, including retirement savings accounts
  • Managed investments
  • Investor directed portfolio services (for example, administration platforms)
  • Deposit and payment products (including term deposits, cash management accounts and non-cash payment products)
  • Retirement income streams, including pensions and annuities

What’s the right level of risk for you?

The answer to this question is: it depends. It can depend on your stage of life, your own financial situation, your plans for the future and your personal approach to investing.

Typically, when you’re younger, your appetite for risk might be geared more towards growth. For others, a more conservative, defensive strategy might lead us to a more balanced, less aggressive investment options. Usually if you’re closer to retirement, you’re more likely to find a financial approach that minimises risk and ensures a steady income is more suitable.

Whatever your risk profile, we come up with a wealth creation strategy that suits you.

Case Study


Michelle is a high-powered executive running a large government department. She has a keen interest in finance and getting a head in life, however, she’s extremely time poor – work keeps her busy and she also has a young child to care for.


The Challenge

Although highly qualified in finance and law, Michelle has never made the time to get her finances in order. She has numerous superannuation accounts with lots of small insurance policies both inside and outside her super. She also hadn’t taken the time to update her will since the birth of her daughter. Michelle needed to bring all her superannuation funds together in place and develop a robust, holistic plan for her future around wealth protection and creation, estate planning and cash flow management and investment.


Our Recommendations

Together we came up with a holistic plan for Michelle. We consolidated her superannuation into one account. We made sure this was invested in a quality investment portfolio which significantly outperformed her previous accounts. We put in place the right insurances that covered Michelle in her senior Government role. We referred Michelle to an estate planning specialist to put in place a comprehensive plan for her and her family should anything happen. We also directed any ‘excess’ cash flow to the appropriate investments to help her create long-term wealth.


The Result

Michelle was confident that her finances were now in good shape and would be working towards her long-term financial future. She felt better knowing that she was fully protected if anything happened to her down the track.

Case Study

The Smith Trust

The Smith Trust was a trust established by family members to look after their brother Steven who had inherited a large inheritance from his mother. Steven was in his 50s but suffered from schizophrenia, so was not in a position to look after his own finances.


The Challenges

The Smith’s required a comprehensive financial plan to invest in the inheritance that Steven had inherited. This would be Steven’s only asset and needed to last his lifetime. It also needed to provide sufficient income for Steven’s housing and ongoing requirements.


Our Recommendations

We put in place a financial plan that would provide sufficient capital and income to last Steven’s lifetime. We also liaised with legal specialists so that Steven could not interfere with the financial decision-making of the trust. All decisions would be made by the trustees who were Steven’s family members. We provided an ongoing service package for the running of the trust’s investments.


The Result

The Smiths were confident that Steven’s financial wellbeing had been secured and he would be in good financial shape throughout his lifetime.

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