Wealth Protection

Organise your personal and business insurance to protect you and your family from the unexpected.

We all live with some level of uncertainty.

But there are ways of safeguarding your wealth against those ‘bumps in the road’ that threaten your plans for a happier, secure future.

If you lose your job or you’re unable to work due to illness or injury, having the right wealth protection in place can help cover your expenses and get you and your loved ones through the hard times.

We call it ‘peace of mind’ insurance.

Together, we’ll work through a checklist of wealth protection strategies and come up with the right approach for you.

Wealth protection includes both personal and business insurance.

Personal insurance takes care of an individual and their family’s future. 

Business insurance covers the owners of a business. So, for example, should anything happen to one of the owners there can be a fluent transition of ownership. It also includes business overheads insurance which cover fixed costs should there be a disruption to the business.

We help people find the most appropriate personal or group insurances including:

  • life cover
  • disability insurance
  • income protection
  • trauma insurance

Case Study

Dr Michael

Dr Michael is a very successful otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist). He has a large investment property portfolio that he funded through his strong working cash flow and significant borrowings.


The Challenge

Should circumstances change leaving Dr Michael unable to earn an income, there would be significant pressure on his cash flow and his ability to make interest payments on his property borrowings.  He also had the problem of finding good quality insurance for his specialist role as an otolaryngologist for the large amounts of cover that were required.  He had tried previously but had failed to find adequate cover.


Our Recommendations

We came up with a wealth protection plan for Dr Michael with an international insurer and their re-insurer. This cover included Life and Total & Permanent Disability Cover. So, if Dr Michael was be unable to work as an otolaryngologist, he would be covered.  We also put in place an effective income protection plan based on 75% of Dr Michael’s earnings through surgery and consultations. The meant that if Dr Michael could not work, he could continue to fund his property investments.


The Result

Dr Michael felt very relieved that he was now fully covered should he be unable to work. This would allow him the comfort to concentrate on his work and continue to build his property portfolio.

Ready to develop a wealth protection strategy that you’ll feel comfortable with?